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About Diverse Fit Club
Diverse Fit Club is one of the best fitness experiences in the South Everett - Mill Creek area. Top notch Diverse bootcamps classes and personal training. Workouts that will take you to the next level and change your life. 

If you want to take a great class challenge, then Diverse bootcamps are for you. Tired of not getting the results you want by working out at home or at the local gym? Come and get a designed workout for personal training or try the best bootcamp class that has become so popular. People say, " there's nothing else like it." That's right, Diverse Fit Club has the experience you have been looking for! Come take the challenge!

Come workout in a group bootcamp  setting with encouraging people to stay motivated or try Diverse Fit Club's Personal Training if you are looking for that one on one training. Experience that can assist you in reaching your personal goals. Get the right training that fits your individual needs. Most local gyms have trainers with little or no experience and you want to make sure you get quality in your fitness experience. Experience equals results and experienced you will become at Diverse Fit Club. Call for a your consultation. The facility is clean and has that nice studio/home feeling. You receive free nutrition consulting during your training to match up with your workouts!

The goal: To give you the knowledge of training, and teach you how to exercise safely and properly and enjoy your fitness experience. To assist and consult you on your nutrition so you can make healthy choices and live a healthy lifestyle.

There will be a time in your life where you will want to make a change and Diverse Fit Club would be honored to guide you and have you join up with the best Diverse Workouts in the South Everett - Mill Creek area.

No membership fees. Just simply join a bootcamp or personal training and get results. No pressured sales people to deal with. 

The Diverse Fit Club does not offer shower facilities or daycare. There are two restrooms for changing if needed prior to classes or personal training. Take that next step and experience a place that is professional. Call for your appointment today and get started!

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