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About Diverse Fit Club Studio
Bootcamps & Weekend Classes on Hold due to Covid
Diverse Fit Club is a great fitness studio in the South Everett - Mill Creek area. We have recently moved just a mile away from our old location and have teamed up with the Vibe Dance Studio at the Buffalo Square near Archbishop Murphy High School. Top notch Bootcamp , Online Training Programs, and One on One Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training. Workouts that will take you to the next level and change your life. 

If you want to take a great class challenge, then the Diverse bootcamp is for you. Tired of not getting the results you want by working out at home or at the local gym? Come and get a designed workout for personal training or try the best bootcamp class that has become so popular for 10 plus years. People say, " there's nothing else like it." Simply unique workouts!

Come take a class,  one on one Personal Training, form your own group for training or you can now sign up for Online Personal Training programs.  Customized programs downloaded to our App and easy to follow. If you need a great home or gym program we can help. 

The goal: To give you the knowledge of training, and teach you how to exercise safely and properly and enjoy your fitness experience. To assist and consult you on your nutrition so you can make healthy choices and live a healthy lifestyle.

There will be a time in your life where you will want to make a change and Diverse Fit Club would be honored to guide you and have you join up with the best Diverse Workouts in the South Everett - Mill Creek area.

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